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“Mehrwertsteuer” (MwSt) - this value-added tax (VAT). It is calculated at the rate of 19% of the NET PRICE for goods and is added to it, making a total GROSS PRICE.

Otherwise this is the amount of money the buyer pays in addition to the cost of the goods or services to the seller, in this case the car, and the seller, in turn, pays it as a tax to the state.

It is important to know that not every price of each good includes the MwSt (VAT). If the last owner was a company or individual paying VAT, the price contains 19% of the value added tax. Simply, in order to be able to get back the amount of VAT:

  1. the goods shall purchased from the owner paying VAT in the EU;
  2. the goods shall be exported after purchase outside the EU;
  3. the buyer shall provide the necessary proof of export of goods.

Example of calculation of MwSt (VAT) for a car:
The announcement indicates the price: “EUR 11.900 MwSt. Ausweisbar”. This is the GROSS PRICE of the car.

  1. 1. The GROSS PRICE is divided by 1.19 (VAT in Germany) = NET PRICE
  2. 2. The GROSS PRICE minus the NET PRICE = MwSt (VAT) - the amount that you can get back on the export of goods from the EU.

11.900€ ÷ 1,19= 10.000€
from  11.900€ minus 10.000€ = 1.900€

Thus, for the car purchased in Germany and exported outside the EU of 11.900 € you can be returned as MwSt (VAT) the amount of 1.900 €.